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These are a few impressions from the Taj Mahal. What struck me most, except for its radiant beauty, is that there are two kinds of tickets. Native Indians can choose to pay only 20 Rupees for a normal ticket, while all foreigners have to buy a high-value ticket for 750 Rupees per ticket. They can then use different entrances to visit the Taj and use a different way up to the inside, which is really odd. I have never experienced such kind of open price discrimination before.

A second set from beautiful Agra - Nothing more to say!

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Impressions from Agra, the city known for the Taj Mahal (Of course I’ve been there too, you’ll see in a later set of pictures). The cows and dogs were living on the street in front of my hotel, so I came across them everyday. Of course they also got a little food from me time to time, so they were always happy to see me ~ 

The second set about the beautiful city of Jaipur. It’s an amazing city with it’s people, handcrafted goods and animals everywhere. One picture depicts traditional Rajasthani food, which is very interesting. I grew really fond of this city.

Impressions from Jaipur. This was one of the nicest cities of the whole journey. There is wildlife everywhere, there amazing cultural structures and it was not too hot. Although I had a great Tourist Guide (his name is Bablu), who was very competent and a nice guy. I miss Jaipur!

These snaps were taken at the monkey temple in Jaipur (Rajasthan). The monkeys there completely wild and free, constantly being fed by tourists and living their normal lives there. They come incredibly close and are very gentle when getting the food. Only touching them is not possible, otherwise they go crazy. There are also many baby monkeys, which are really cute!

These are impressions from Jodhpur (in Rajasthan). It was too hot to really experience a lot, but the hotel was very beautiful and the food was great. Going out in the evening time also allowed me to see the clock tower, the market and the castle, which were all very nice experiences.

These are impressions from the journey to Udaipur to Jodhpur. I took the journey by car, instead of train, to have time to see the temples along the way and take a stop or two for other interesting things. There were so many animals along the way, it was fascinating! Never before had I seen real wild monkeys (not in a zoo) and feeding them was really fun.

Here is a sample of the local traditional art in Udaipur, it’s called Miniature painting. All the color is made from stone, it is not oil based and it is not bought, they make it fresh every time. The motives are all very cultural and traditional, featuring local animals, scenes of festivities and deities.

The beautiful city of Udaipur. One of the most beautiful cities I have seen in India, with extremely nice people, rich cultural heritage and beautiful nature. The cultural delights include a traditional folk dance show, miniature paintings (only practiced there), temples, palaces and many more. 

Here are snaps from the streets of Mumbai. There is no one experience that could describe that city and even a hundred wouldn’t do it justice. It is simply too diverse and different in every part.

Please do excuse me for being so quiet these last weeks! I was traveling around India with a bad internet connection, but now I am ready to share pictures and experiences. So stay tuned!

Yesterday I got a little fruity surprise in the morning. I heard a very loud noise outside and when I went to check I saw that a fruit from the tree about my room went straight through the roof in front of my room. After taking some pictures, I reported that and it was fixed up in the afternoon when I came back from a day in Goa ~ No traces left! Glad I took those pictures.

Here are a few impressions from Vagator (in Goa) where I currently reside. Sadly it rained up until now, but today was a nice day so I decided to take a few pictures and share them with you. You an see one of my favorite restaurants here (TinTin), the beach of Vagator, some beautiful buildings and of cause cows! Even a cow relaxing on the beach - guess he had a hard day!